Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings or to the local environment need consent - known as planning permission.

Each application for planning permission is made to the local planning authority for the area.


Permitted Development

Some types of minor building work - such as a boundary wall below a certain height - do not usually need planning permission.

This is because the effect of these developments on neighbours or the environment is likely to be small, and the government has issued a general planning permission to authorise them. This is known as permitted development.

Some areas have special protection against certain developments, such as Conservation Areas, which exist to protect and preserve the character of a town or village.  Some parts of Ketton, Aldgate & Geeston are in Conservation Areas.  If you live in an old building it may be listed or in a Conservation Area. Some buildings are specially protected or listed because of their architectural or historic interest. Please check with Rutland County Council before you commence any alterations or building works

Rutland County Council can let you know whether you need permission but you will need to make a 'Preliminary Enquiry'.

An interactive guide to Permitted Development is available on the Planning Portal site. Please note that this is only a guide. You are strongly advised to double check with Rutland County Council Planning office before commencing any works.


Preliminary Enquiry

A preliminary enquiry is an initial written enquiry to the Rutland County Council which will enable them to formally advise you in writing as to whether or not your proposed works are likely to require planning permission.
They require a written enquiry because a significant amount of investigative work (and perhaps even a site visit) can be necessary before they can give you a full and meaningful response.

It is always best to get something from the Local Planning Authority in writing advising whether or not planning permission is required. This is especially true where you suspect or have been advised that planning permission is not required.

You should download and complete the Preliminary Enquiry Form (PDF, 111Kb) and return it via fax, post or email to Rutland County Council.


Tree works

If you are planning to carry out tree works, the law protects trees within Conservation Areas and those with a Tree Preservation Order on them.


Some parts of Ketton, Aldgate & Geeston are in Conservation Areas and some trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders


It's an offence to carry out any work on protected trees without first getting permission from us. There is no maximum limit on the fine that can be imposed for carrying out works to trees without consent.


You must submit an application if you want to carry out works on trees within a conservation area or if there is a Tree Preservation Order.


Please check with Rutland County Council before you commence any tree works in a Conservation Area or think that the trees may be subject to Tree Preservation Orders


Advice for private tree owners

Always contact Rutland County Council to make sure trees are not protected by a Tree Protection Order, planning constraints or that the tree is within a Conservation area


Always employ a suitably trained professional Tree Surgeon, who is covered by Public Liability Insurance and ask for proof


Use caution when employing house callers or leaflet droppers claiming to be professional tree surgeons. Always ask for proof that they are qualified. If they are, they will not mind you asking.


Reputable Tree Surgeons will always have some form of professional identification and qualification proof. Always ask to see it


Details of reputable tree surgeons can be found through online searches. Alternatively, you can contact us for further advice


More information is available on Rutland County Council’s website