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Buddy scheme now handling wider shopping requests

The Village Shop is doing a great job at handling all the shopping requests it can, but there will be times when people need a wider range of products, a bigger shop or last minute supplies at the weekend. A dedicated team within the Ketton Together scheme is now handling these wider shopping requests through a buddy system to ensure everyone has what they need. Volunteers are buddied with those who need shopping.


To make such a request please call the coordinators of this team, Sinclair and Jenny Rogers, on 01780 722464. We have created a form to fill out where you can detail what you need and send it to them - you can download this at or on Facebook at

or simply call them.

Shopping request


For shopping please first contact the village shop on 01780 720245 to see if they can meet your requirements. If you need essential supplies not available through the village shop or at the weekend, please complete the form below. We prefer electronic payment (PayPal, BACS) or cheque and will discuss with you when we confirm arrangements. Please call Jenny and Sinclair on 01780 722464 to discuss your requirements.


Please note, if you would like a prescription collected or any other help please call 07517 798 397.


Your data will be stored in line with Ketton Parish Council's Privacy Policy.


1. What is your name?



2. What is your phone number?



3. What is your address? (house number, street and postcode)



4. What do you need?



5. When do you need it by? Please try and give as much notice as possible.



6. How do you intend to pay? (cheque, bacs, paypal ideally)



7. By submitting this form you confirm you are happy for your data to be stored in line with the Privacy Policy, and your name, address and telephone number to be shared with a volunteer (please delete as appropriate).


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Thank you – your supplies will be with you soon!