The Whitebread Trust is a local village charity which grants money to voluntary organisations and individuals in the village. The trust is prepared to consider any request. If you or your organisation are based in Ketton and need some money that will help you improve your skills or expand your services and facilities, please drop a note explaining your request to the chairman of the trust via the Parish Office. In total the trust has awarded £23,855 over the last 12 months but this is only about 70% of our income and we are looking to help more people in the village.

The details below show what grants we have made, but I repeat we will consider any request.



  • Grants to help with university costs: Laura Bullimore, Alistair Kennett, Mollie Charge, Katie Henshaw, Alexandra Gillespie, Joseph Potter, Serena Waring, Laura Cracknell, Kisby Dickinson, Tom Thorpe and Marcus Parsons.

  • Grants for educational or adventure activities: Polly Faulks (studying in Barcelona), Serena Waring (archaeological dig in Herefordshire), George & Will Mann (charity work in Uganda), Alice Hardy (studying in Paris), Marcus Parsons (studying in Columbia), Amy Davies (charity work in Kenya) and Angus Bolton (Duke of Edinburgh Gold scheme).

  • Grants to help with the cost of sport equipment or coaching: Tom Hattee (new bike for triathlon competitions), Natasha Bolton (county cricket coaching), Katie Brooker (county cricket coaching), Bill Harris (county cricket coaching), Joe Mahoney (county cricket coaching), and Oliver Pickwell (county cricket coaching).


  • Ketton Junior Cricket Club (1st years membership fees and coaching costs), Ketton Football Club (new goalposts for the senior pitch)

  • Ketton Guides (new trailer to transport equipment to camp)

  • KettonPanthers Triathlon Club (coaching costs)

  • Ketton Junior Tennis Club (1st years membership fees and coaching costs)

  • Ketton Tennis Club (new flood lights)

  • Ketton Brownies (new equipment)

  • Carver Court (new furnishings)

  • St Mary’s Parish Church (new steps to access the war memorial).

The trust has also provided funds for public access defibrillators to be placed in the village.



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