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The best way to catch up on what's happening in Ketton is to follow us on our social media channels which can be accessed at the top of the page. The following is an overview from Ketton Parish Council of what has been going on in the village over the last month.

Latest Parish Council News - AUGUST

Our village handymen, Dave and Barrie, have been busy with their paintbrushes and have varnished the Library noticeboard, fence and benches, and the Geeston noticeboard, in preparation for the ravages of winter weather. The Molesworth bungalow noticeboard now has 2 new doors and is ready for use again. The results of the recent Neighbourhood Plan survey highlighted the importance of the village noticeboards in communication within the village – especially for those who are ‘digitally excluded’ (often the elderly or less advantaged).


‘Digital exclusion’ is being addressed by RCC in their latest public consultation, that of the Local Plan Review, which runs until Friday October 9th. Those  who cannot access the Local Plan documents and response form on should phone 01572 722577 to book an appointment to view the documents at the Catmose Council office, or to request a copy of the response form.


At the August Full Council meeting, County Councillors Gordon Brown and Karen Payne reported that Ketton Library is now open 9.30am to 2pm on a Thursday, also that the Parking Review Consultation on proposed parking restrictions around the crossroads and school is ongoing. They reminded members of the public that they can report issues with footpaths, roads and highways, street lamps etc in the Rutland area at

Speeding into and out of the village was also discussed  - our County Councillors will attend a meeting of the Highways and Open Spaces Committee on Sep 2nd to explore traffic calming options.

Further concerns about safety and anti-social behaviour on the new Empingham Road bridge were expressed; the Parish Council is contacting RCC with these issues.

Former Ketton Parish Councillor and Chairman Vic Henry very sadly died recently. He was a member of the Chatterbox editorial team and the Stamford Mercury Ketton correspondent, as well as being actively involved with Ketton Horticultural Society and many other village groups. Condolences go to his wife Bernice.


Hall Close has lost one of its very old apple trees that was brought down in the recent high winds – it was laden with fruit. Do help yourself to any windfalls from the old orchard area – there are apples and crab apples.


For those of you who are regular walkers in Ketton Old Quarry SSSI please be aware that the Manx and Hebridean sheep, belonging to the wildlife trust, that have spent the summer in Station Road field, will soon be ‘at work’ in specific areas of the nature reserve. Their job is to chew down the vegetation to allow the flowers, insects and reptiles special to limestone grassland to flourish next season. This will necessitate some gates being locked and all dogs should be kept on leads.


Dates for your diary: Sun Sep 6th 10.30am Sunday Services at St Mary’s Church ; Tues Sep 8th Ketton and Tinwell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting open to the public via Zoom 7pm to 7.30pm – see website and noticeboards for detail; Wed Sep 26th 10am midweek communion at St Mary’s Church – please let Rev Olwen Woolcock (01780 729052) or Peter Bisseker (01780 721295) know if you are planning to attend.


The Parish Office in Stocks Hill (Tel 01780722451, email is open Wed and Thurs 9am to 4pm.


New RCC Website


Rutland County Council has a new website (same address ), with an improved layout and structure, and designed to work better on smartphones and tablets. Some new functions are 'find my nearest' online map to locate services and report problems, 'my bills and benefits' to view Council Tax or Business rates bills and instalments, 'adult and social care self-assessment' for information and advice on choosing the best care and support.

IT Training Sessions

If you are struggling with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop then why not sign up with Sarah at the Parish Office for free one-to-one IT training sessions on a Monday between 1.30pm and 4,30pm ? Since the scheme started in late January almost 20 villagers have had at least one session with Berni, our very patient and dedicated volunteer trainer.

Proposed safe pedestrian access to school


The below plan shows a new safe pedestrian access to the school which would create a new secure and lit path which would run to the right of the Library, along the boundary with the old School House, and into the school playground. It would solve the current and potentially dangerous problem of pedestrians and cars mixing at the school entrance. It is suggested that the car park is also improved and tarmacked with increased car parking spaces.

Following the presentation at the school, organisers received eleven declarations in favour and two against the proposal. Thus at the December Ketton Parish Council meeting, councillors voted and approved, in principle, the proposal to install a secure pedestrian footpath (to the right of the Library), which would ensure that pedestrians are isolated from moving vehicles, and to resurface the car park behind the Library.  County Councillor Diana MacDuff will liaise with Rutland County Council regarding possible funding for the project. The meeting agreed that Cllrs McGilvray and Cade will act as Parish Council representatives in further discussions with the other parties involved in the project.


Currently, no other proposals have progressed to the same level as the ones presented at the meeting, and are therefore not under consideration by KPC.

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