The best way to catch up on what's happening in Ketton is to follow us on our social media channels which can be accessed at the top of the page. The following is an overview from Ketton Parish Council of what has been going on in the village over the last month.

News from Ketton Parish Council Feb/March 2021

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Very sadly we have to report that Phil Greaves, our village handyman for 5 years, died recently, after a long illness. He gave invaluable service to the village in keeping our green spaces in good shape. We send our condolences to his wife Mary and all the family.


There are, however, definite signs of spring! Snowdrops and hazel catkins in full bloom and daffodil buds about to burst. Can you spot the famous Ketton Snowdrop? It has large flowers with a green ‘chinese bridge’ marking on its inner petals.


And more good news - Ketton Parish Council is working with Openreach to get ultrafast broadband, (giving speeds from 100 Mbps up to 910 Mbps), via Fibre To The Premises, to every home and business in Ketton. The fibre will follow the existing cable routings underground and overhead via telegraph poles. We expect that, with a good take-up by individuals and businesses in the village, each installation should be at no cost to householders, other than the standard ISP charges. More details to follow.


At our February Full Council meeting, it was agreed in principle

to allocate £1000 from council reserves towards the funding bid

for the installation of outdoor fitness (‘adult gym’) equipment in Hall Close.  An application for a grant will also be made to The Whitebread Trust once the project has been fully costed. 



A big thank you to Ronnie Burt, our village Flood Warden, who acted swiftly to alleviate the recent flooding in Steadfold Lane and Stamford Road, by cutting grips into the Steadfold Road grass verges to help drain the water. Ronnie is now liaising with C.Cllr Gordon Brown to ensure that RCC Highways carry out further work on the grips, and clean the gulleys on Steadfold Lane and Stamford Road. The adjoining landowner has also agreed to clear their ditches.


Flooding of a different type occurred recently when sewage was found overflowing from a manhole cover on the Crescent site. On investigation by the landowner, the system was found to be blocked by a quantity of ‘wipes’ that had been flushed down toilets in nearby properties. Please remember that, unlike toilet paper, wipes do not break down and so clog the sewage system; wipes need to be binned.


It is time to renew the subscription for your Green Waste bin. Current subscriptions end on March 31st. You can renew by phoning 01572 758488 or visiting www.rutland.gov.uk/greenwaste and the cost is £40/Year bin.


Finally, if you would like to advertise any village/local online events or initiatives, then Ketton Parish Council has 5 noticeboards (refreshed weekly), a Facebook page and a website on which we may be able to display promotion. Any posters should be A5 and portrait and can be dropped into or emailed to the Parish Office (details below).


Useful contacts:

Ketton Good Neighbours Scheme: for help or support, call Rachel on 07517793397, between 9am and 6pm.

RCC’s Covid 19 Crisis helpline: 01572 722577, and information at www.rutland.gov.uk/coronavirus

Winter Grant Applications for those on benefits and affected by Covid 19 www.rutland.gov.uk/wintergrants

Carer’s Passport Information:  01572 722577

and for free PPE for informal carers email adixon@rutland.gov.uk


Dates for your diary:

Sat March 6th  10 to 11am County Councillors’ Surgery to be held remotely. Please contact Gordon Gbrown@rutland.gov.uk

or Karen Kpayne@rutland.gov.uk  by Fri March 5th to arrange a slot.

March 1st to 7th Rutland Youth Council Food Waste Action Week, as part of their ‘Taste It, Don’t Waste It’ campaign, raising awareness of the need to reduce household food waste which is both damaging to the environment and to the pocket. Complete their Household Food Waste Survey www.rutland.gov.uk

March 12th deadline for consultation comments on Draft Design Guidelines for Rutland and South Kesteven www.rutland.gov.uk/designguide

March 15th copy deadline for Chatterbox (John Collier is the editor and can be contacted on 7blackdog7@gmail.com )

March 21st  Census Day

March 24th Annual Parish Meeting. 7.30pm by Zoom (details to follow – see website www.ketton.org.uk , Ketton News Facebook, or noticeboards).


The Parish Office in Stocks Hill (Tel 01780722451, email kettonpc@btinternet.com) is open Wed and Thurs 9am to 4pm.


New RCC Website


Rutland County Council has a new website (same address www.rutland.gov.uk ), with an improved layout and structure, and designed to work better on smartphones and tablets. Some new functions are 'find my nearest' online map to locate services and report problems, 'my bills and benefits' to view Council Tax or Business rates bills and instalments, 'adult and social care self-assessment' for information and advice on choosing the best care and support.

IT Training Sessions

If you are struggling with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop then why not sign up with Sarah at the Parish Office for free one-to-one IT training sessions on a Monday between 1.30pm and 4,30pm ? Since the scheme started in late January almost 20 villagers have had at least one session with Berni, our very patient and dedicated volunteer trainer.

Proposed safe pedestrian access to school


The below plan shows a new safe pedestrian access to the school which would create a new secure and lit path which would run to the right of the Library, along the boundary with the old School House, and into the school playground. It would solve the current and potentially dangerous problem of pedestrians and cars mixing at the school entrance. It is suggested that the car park is also improved and tarmacked with increased car parking spaces.

Following the presentation at the school, organisers received eleven declarations in favour and two against the proposal. Thus at the December Ketton Parish Council meeting, councillors voted and approved, in principle, the proposal to install a secure pedestrian footpath (to the right of the Library), which would ensure that pedestrians are isolated from moving vehicles, and to resurface the car park behind the Library.  County Councillor Diana MacDuff will liaise with Rutland County Council regarding possible funding for the project. The meeting agreed that Cllrs McGilvray and Cade will act as Parish Council representatives in further discussions with the other parties involved in the project.


Currently, no other proposals have progressed to the same level as the ones presented at the meeting, and are therefore not under consideration by KPC.